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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. I don't understand XML, Schema and other similar technical words. Can I still use this service?

    ABSOLUTELY! You don't need to understand XML/Schema or learn anything new. We are the technical bridge between the data you have in your custom format and the XML data that IRS expects.

  2. How much time and effort will it save me and my organization?

    This service can save you days worth of effort, based on the number of entries. After we provide you the file, all you have to do is login to the IRS website and click on the 'Upload' button.

  3. What if I am not satisfied with your service?

    We are 100% sure that you will be satisfied. If for whatever reason you are not, WE WILL REFUND YOU 100% of your money.

  4. Where do I find the instructions on how to upload the document on the IRS website?

    https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p4216.pdf - Page 72. ONE click on the upload button and you will have all your itemized contributions and expenditures PRE-POPULATED for your review!

  5. Can I verify the data before final submission to the IRS?

    YES, you can verify the data before the final submission to the IRS on their website. We strongly recommend you to do so.

  6. How do you help us with our data entry on to the IRS website? What do we need to provide you? What will we receive?

    You provide us with your custom spreadsheet(or from any other software you use). We convert the whole data into JUST ONE XML file that you can upload on the IRS website.

  7. I track my expenditure/contribution entries in a custom Excel spreadsheet at my organziation. Will you be able to help me automate those entries?

    ABSOLUTELY! We work with you to create a custom solution for your organization. YOU NEED NOT CHANGE THE WAY YOU TRACK THEM NOW.

  8. What about Schedule A/Schedule B on Form 8872 on the IRS website? Are those the same as the contributions/expenditures?

    YES, the contribution and expenditure entries go into the Schedule A and Schedule B respectively in the Form 8872.

  9. What is the minimum limit on the number of entries that we may have? What is the maximum limit?

    There is NO mimimum or maximum limit on the number of entries that you may have.

  10. I don't have too many entries, will I still be charged the same as the organizations with a very large number of entries?

    NO, we offer you a cutom quote based on the number of entries and the complexity involved in converting your custom data.

  11. Do you have a standard spreadsheet format that you suggest us for us to track our expenditure/contribution entries? What is the benefit by doing so?

    YES, we can suggest you a standard spreadsheet format (based on our analysis with the data across multiple organizations). If you follow the standard format, you will get a better quote for your conversion (we pass the savings on to you).

  12. If we use your service regularly, do we get any discounts?

    YES, we offer 'Loyal customer discount' - upto 20% on each filing.

  13. Do you offer any other discounts?

    YES, we do. We offer multiple discounts like 'Referral discount', 'Even-number year discount' etc. Please contact us for more information.

  14. Do you check the XML data for XML validation errors?

    YES, we DOUBLE CHECK the data, including a internal simulated submission. Once we give you the file, it will be ready to upload to the IRS website.

  15. Is there any confidential data involved during the conversion?

    NO, we just deal with the data that is publicly made available by the IRS on their website.

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