For Political Organizations with LOTS of entries in Form 8872, we automate the process to create ONE XML file that you can upload to the IRS website directly.


How it works (Play the short video below)

As a Political Organization filing Form 8872 with the IRS, you probably know how tough it is to enter the itemized entries for Schedule As and Schedule Bs (Contributions and Expenditures) on the IRS website.

If you have your LOTS of contributions and expenditures tracked in a Microsoft Excel file or other custom software, we can help you in creating a file that you can upload directly on the IRS website WITHOUT MANUALLY ENTERING hundreds or thousands of itemized records.

We also validate the file that we generate against the IRS schema for any errors. After we work with you and give you the file, you can upload it directly on the IRS website and see the data populated, including the Organization details on the first page.


8872 Form filing

You DON'T need to manually enter the 8872 Form entries. We process your itemized entries (in any format) and generate ONE file. Just upload that ONE file and see all the itemized records uploaded automatically.

XML file upload

We create an XML file that is validated against an upto date official IRS XSD schema. Both 'Contributions' and 'Expenditures' (i.e. Schedules As and Schedule Bs) entries are automated and everything is uploaded as ONE file.

Custom input files

We work with organizations EVEN WITH custom entries in their Microsoft Excel/Quickbook files. So, if you have the Contributions and Expenditures in any file or format, we may be able to help. Please contact us for more details.


Upload page for Form 8872 on the IRS website

Upload page on the IRS website

Here you select the file that we generate and click on the Upload button.

8872 Organization page

Political Organizations details page

The Organization details are populated from the XML file

Schedule A Sample

Schedule As (Itemized Contributions)

All the itemized Schedule As are populated on the IRS website automatically after uploading the XML file

Schedule B Sample

Schedule Bs (Itemized Expenditures)

All the itemized Schedule Bs are populated on the IRS website automatically after uploading the XML file


I had the best experience in working with the Automate 8872 team for filing 8872 for one of my clients. I gave them a Microsoft Excel file with hundreds of entries and in return I got just ONE file that I uploaded to the IRS website. Bingo, all the hundreds of itemized entires showed pre-populated ! And all of this in less than 24 hours !!

Shannon O'Leary
Of Counsel, Gober Group
Shannon, Gober Group

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